Hi there! My name is Lindsey Thompson and I created VT Dog Treks with the goal of not only doing what I love, but to also help the people and dogs in my community. My mission is to help your dog get the exercise, stimulation, attention, and guidance they crave so that so both you and your dog can relax and enjoy family time at home - leaving you stress and guilt free.

We all love our animals; words can’t even express the joy that my boy Kuma brings into my life everyday. But the realities of life and work can keep us busier than we’d prefer and we often have to leave out pets at home during the day. Unfortunately, this can leave us with very little time to devote to training our dogs and giving them the consistency they require. Camp is an amazing way to give your dog the physical and mental stimulation they need to be a good canine citizen while also being convenient and hassle-free for you!

I first moved to Vermont in 2007 to attend the University of Vermont. I quickly fell in love with these green mountains, and VT is really the only place I’ve ever felt at home. While I stuck around awhile after graduating (since it’s so amazing here!), I then ventured out to Oregon, and then Maine, before finding my way back here to VT at the end of this past summer.

I adopted my first dog, Kuma, in December of 2013 while I was living in Oregon. We were two peas in a pod right from the start, and he is the first dog that I have trained myself. We regularly practice our basic obedience, recall, and impulse control, all while searching for new trails to explore. Leading packs is a natural fit for me, as my two loves in life are dogs and nature!

I first started leading dog hikes last year while I was living in Maine, and I quickly realized I had found something I truly loved. Not only was it a thrill to hit the trails with the pack, but it also provided a deep sense of fulfillment when the owners would tell me how much easier it was to manage their dog and the positive impact I was making in both the owner’s and dog’s lives. When I decided to move back to Vermont and start my own dog camp, I wanted to expand and strengthen my skills, so I completed the My Dog Camp online course.

I am certified in pet CPR + First Aid through PetTech.

I can’t wait to meet you and your dog and see where this adventure takes us!

Lindsey and Kuma