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Dog Camp

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adventure camp

$35 a day

Serving the following areas in Vermont:

  • Burlington

  • South Burlington

  • Winooski

  • Essex

  • Williston

VT Dog Treks is a dog camp service in the Burlington, VT area that provides a 2-3 hour off leash adventure hike in the woods. During this time we play, socialize, pack walk, and practice our basic commands and recall skills. Through consistently practicing these activities, I help teach your dog to control and regulate their natural impulses, which helps them behave better at home, too. I also pick up and drop off so you can tackle your busy schedule knowing your dog is getting the physical exercise and mental stimulation they need!

Dog Camp is similar to doggie daycare, but OH so much better! Instead of being confined to a small fenced-in area with lots of other dogs, camp provides a natural environment where dogs can be dogs and enjoy all the sights, smells, and sounds of the forest. I keep my packs small to cultivate lasting friendships within the pack, and to ensure each dog gets individualized attention and care. If your dog was picking up bad habits at daycare or found it too overwhelming, camp is an amazing alternative as I teach all the dogs to play appropriately and respect one another. Additionally, camp dogs typically burn off much more energy than when in traditional daycare, so you won’t need to take them out after a long day at work.


Hike, Swim, Run, Play!

Physical Exercise

Mental Stimulation

Appropriate and Balanced Socialization

No Fences! Play and Learn in a Natural Environment


The benefits for you

The benefits of camp aren’t just for your dog, but for you too! My goal is to make your life easier by having one less thing to stress about - your dog. I genuinely want you to enjoy time with your dog, not feel worried, stressed, or guilty about meeting their needs.


Free Pick Up and Drop Off = More You Time

Ample Physical Exercise = You CAN Relax After a Long Day

Off Leash Play & Recall = Take your Dog with you Anywhere

Learning & Practicing Obedience = Less Time & Money Spent Training